Oral Sex

Oral Sex Positions?

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Oral sex is the act of using one’s mouth, lips, or tongue to stimulate a partner’s penis, vagina, or anus. It is commonly done as foreplay before or after sexual intercourse, but it can also be used by itself. Oral sex is a pleasurable and …..

Escort Services

Are Escort Services Legal?

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Escorts offer companionship and social company in exchange for a fee or contract rate. They may accompany clients to concerts, upscale hotels, and business functions or spend time with them. There is a lot of confusion about the legality of escort service. Some believe that …..

sexual selection

Why it’s great to be a Man

May 13, 2020 Real Woman | Sexual Selection No Comments

Being a man means having more responsibilities. However, there are also reasons why it’s great to be a man. Here are the major reasons why being a man is better than being a real woman. Men Remain Attractive Longer Although both men and women age, …..

Book Eros Escorts

Penis Enlargement Exercises by Eros

There are many articles online claiming that penis enlargement exercises work. But, most of these articles do not explain how exactly exercises for enlarging the penis work. Nevertheless, some men are still having a hard time winning girls or gathering the confidence to book eros …..